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Created 30-Oct-10
Modified 10-Jul-17

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Ohio Pass September, 2016Snowy EgretMystic Falls, ColoradoOld Cabin Sunrise, ColoradoDetail:  Aspens Leaves & StoneCorral and Aspen Trees - Ridgway, COCommon HarebellCrystal MillElk During Rut,  ColoradoWestern MeadowlarkShrine Ridge SunsetWestern SpiderwortGreat Blue HeronBull Moose, ColoradoHoney BeeWest Brush Crk ReflectionsCataract LakeSunflower and GuestHanging LakeColumbine - Rocky Mountains

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Creative Peaks Photography
I've looked through the entire gallery and found each image to be a treat. I've recognized many of the locations having lived in Summit County for almost 12 years. What I enjoy most about your work is how you capture the light. Each image takes maximum advantage of not only the landscape but the natural light available. Great Work!